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September autumn blog

A very Happy Autumn to you all !!!


Now pay attention subs, slaves, piggies & oiks, slugs, sloths & worms...   



Panty deals and updates



Three Favourite Toys

Today's entry is about the three toys that are my current favourites. Each one has a special place in my affections at the moment, and for slightly different reasons.

One toy more than cwtches!


March Madness


Welcome to my blog, you naughty, kinky people!                                                                       ...

so much to tell you

Good Afternoon dear playthings and admirers, 

I do realise it has been a while since my last update, but the wait is finally over!!!

October was a very busy month with 2 tours and some events...

Locktober October

I have been so manic lately with the lovely Miss Anna Phylaxis, what fun we have had playing with all you naughty little submissives! 

Well first there was Nottingham which was full of delicious...

Time for an update!

Its time for an update!!!!

I have been very busy organising myself for more tours and meeting lovely ladies from this site to work with, so its been a fun but very busy time. I cant wait to have you...

so much info, so little time

After such a wonderful time with Miss Anna Phylaxis in the stoke area, we have decided to do another mini tour break together.  This time we will be in Cardiff!

Our last tour was full of emotions,...

So much going on!

What a wonderfully busy month this has been!

I have had a wonderful month of playing with new submissives who are eager to learn and now have daily training via online means and of course the new submissives...

Cannock Event

Wow what an event on friday!!!!

I had the most wonderful time with the other 2 luscious ladies (Miss Anna Elite and Mistress Jodie May) - see picture added to this blog!

Considering this was our...



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