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Day Wear Panties for only £10 on any day from now until the last day of August 2019 !!

All My items come Vacsealed for freshness, posted in a lightly padded envelope and with a handwritten note. Postage fees maybe applied. 


These are Panties which are worn for a day by the Beautiful Goddess Kikka Jennie, and then carefully sealed such a way that the most intimate and magical essence of your Goddess is held in the package until it reaches your doormat to finally be liberated by your own trembling fingers.           

Worn by Goddess Kikka Jennie as she strides around her domain in gleaming high-heeled thigh boots, worn by Goddess Kikka Jennie as she works out in the Gym, worn by the Goddess Kikka Jennie as she rides her motorcycle, worn by Goddess Kikka Jennie as she walks around town window shopping, worn by Goddess Kikka Jennie as she perches on her desk.. 


Don't allow this offer to slip away..  Order today! Order today!! Order today !!!


How many of you have experienced the ecstatic delights of a Session with Goddess Kikka Jennie? Time has wings, but you do not. Seize the day, & make your submissive or masochistic dreams come true. We pass this way only once, why be just a dreamer?


Some of you have known Goddess Kikka Jennie's Dominant expertise, an experience never to be forgotten. I know that the laughter of your Goddess rings through your dreams as you recall her delight at the sight of your plight..


Who among you has the courage to be Double-Dommed?? 


To be at the mercy of two such awsome, assertive, lusciously lovely, beguilingly beautiful Dominant Divas as Goddess Kikka Jennie & Miss Anna Phylaxis would be an unforgettable experience!! How can you let your life roll along until one day you realise that all you had to do was make a booking. Our next tour is in Llandudno September 6-8th.


Commit yourself properly to the session. Check your diary, make the call, leave a deposit and then relax in the knowledge that the wheels are already turning.


I know that some of you will never manage this, but all is not lost. At least you have the courage to make Pantie orders. Even if you never find the courage to kneel at the feet of your Goddess, you can still savour the essence of a Dominant Goddess by ordering her Panties. 


Panties that have embraced Goddess Kikka Jennie. Panties that have moved with her, clung to her, absorbed her emanations! Imagine your Goddess peeling the Panties you have ordered from her legs, before sealing the fragrance of her being so carefully that it will only be liberated by your own trembling fingers once the Panties have safely arrived.


It is always advisable to gently warm them at this stage, by placing them on top of a warm radiator or a clean, hot water pipe for a few minutes.


Never allow Panties near a naked flame. Never! Your Goddess commands you to behave sensibly with the flammable garments she sends to you!!

Goddess Kikka Jennie has your welfare and safety in mind, never ever forget that.. 


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Posted on 10th August 2019

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