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Wow what an event on friday!!!!

I had the most wonderful time with the other 2 luscious ladies (Miss Anna Elite and Mistress Jodie May) - see picture added to this blog!

Considering this was our first event together it went so smoothly and sweetly with eager boys ready for our toys. All thoughts and worries soon disappeared as we got kneeling eager boys ready for our wonderful strap on cocks. 

We all had shiny things on so the boys could lick and kiss when permitted, Miss Anna Elite in some hot latex and Mistress Jodie May and myself in some wonderful PVC, some pictures of this are in my private gallery for you to drool over and wish you were there! 
So many strap on cocks and toys were brought between the 3 of us, not to forget my fucking machine being set up on the bed at the dungeon for the boys to be prepared and used on and of course the lovely cock of Mistress Jodie May which some lucky boys begged for!

First off all boys were kneeling and wanting to serve, we all discussed limits and allowed as well as basic rules for being safe sane and consensual. 

The first boy I had, dressed up in such slutty attire, it was hilarious fun him trying to put stockings and suspenders on while I watched. For those who have met me know I do enjoy a good laugh and my laugh is something to behold. 
The second boy I was much more gentle with and teased him with a luscious big vibrating cock that made him instantly moan to my delight. 
The third boy was fairly new to strap on so I was gentle on  the fucking swing until he wanted it harder and faster, which my wicked smile meant he would get it at my tempo and didnt know what hit him, hahahha 
The last boy was such a naughty one, he loved his nipples played with and was lucky enough to sucked while being fucked!

We did have some fun and I did like the swimming minds of the submissives getting confused at who they had in front of them, Mistress, Miss or often they got that wrong and was reprimanded to our delights and giggles. 

All ladies went round all boys and swapping cocks for levels and to push slight boundaries, the boys didnt know which way was up by the end! It was amazing to watch the other ladies in action, one of my favorite parts was watching Mistress Jodie May and 3 boys adoring her, her cock and body! That image will stay with me for a long time. 

Well thats enough of a snippet into what happened at our first event, I cant wait for another chance to work with these lovely ladies as it was such an honour, and those greedy and eager will make me smile for a while to come. 

had an email from one of the attendees and thought would add this to the bottom of my blog

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Posted on 29th April 2018

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