Three Favourite Toys

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Today's entry is about the three toys that are my current favourites. Each one has a special place in my affections at the moment, and for slightly different reasons.

One toy more than cwtches!

Cwtch is a Welsh word for a hug, or a cuddle. When someone asks:

                                                                                                    "Cwtch?" they're hoping for for a cuddle - just asking for a nice warm hug.

Hugs are generally reasonably gentle of course  -  but as with most human interactions, there can be degrees of intensity. Everything from the very lightest of embraces, when you know that you are being held  -  but can barely feel any physical pressure  ..then every sensation up to a Bear-Hug - or even an almost savagely passionate clinch.

Emotionally, everything from almost total detatchment to orgasmic intensity can accompany the apparently simple connection which is made when consenting adults do little or nothing more than wrap their arms around each other.

Similar degrees of intensity occur when more sensitive areas of our bodies are held too. We are instinctively programmed to seek out each others most sensitive areas. Ear-lobes, nipples, tongues  -  and that's just above the waist.

When I see nipples poking out at me, they ofetn seem to be  ..well just asking to be held tightly. To be cwtched, squeezed, tweaked or even crushed a little.

                                             Enter a favourite toy:  

                                                                            Japanese Clover Clamps


Japanese Clover Clamps are truly expert assistants when it comes to holding onto nipples. The clever thing about them is that unlike my fingers, they never get tired. Once attached to a pair of nipples, they will hold them as gently, or as firmly as I choose. The harder I tug on the middle of the chain which joins them, the tighter they grip the nipples they are holding. The chain which joins them can easily be attached to a fixed object such as a metal ring on a wall, or set into the floor (for example), or to a moving one  -  such as another person's tender, inviting, and also firmly clamped nipples perhaps?  Such fun to observe the effects of an arrangement like this  -  and I'm assuming that the owners of the fortunate nipples in question would have asked to be restrained. So much more fun when one cannot reach the Clamps, don't you think?

Clover Clamps are versatile toys. There's no need whatever to restrict (isn't that a lovely word? Restrict :D ), the use of Clover Clamps simply to the nipples. They can be attached to any sensitive area of the body, if one is brave enough.

How brave are you?

If a few sets are available, it's perfectly possible to link different parts of the body together with each pair of Clamps. This can make things so interesting when a few restraints are added into the mix.

Predicaments are easily designed..     Standing on tip-toes may ease the strain on one part of the anatomy, whilst causing a different pair of Clamps to pull just as tightly on another area which is just as sensitive..  Lower the heels to the floor, and the first set of Clamps tightens again. Hours of fun can be enjoyed with these fabulous little gadgets.


The second toy I'm loving at the moment, is my favourite Strap-On!

As you will see from the photo, this particular Strap-On is is covered in beautiful red hearts. As you may imagine, I love to see them disapear into the chosen recipient's body, and then re-appear/disappear/ re-appear/disappear/re-appear/disappear..  Such fun!

I love the way it quivers as I stride around the room though it is looking for a deep, warm hole to enter! 

I love it when the owner of the deep, warm hole also quivers in anticipation!  Then at last..  At length..  The pole meets the hole!

The well-lubricated hole which may emit small slurping soun ds as the Queen of Hearts makes contact, breaking into that dark, forbidden cavity, with the help of Her tireless Heartbreaker..

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Posted on 6th June 2019

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