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After such a wonderful time with Miss Anna Phylaxis in the stoke area, we have decided to do another mini tour break together. 
This time we will be in Cardiff!

Our last tour was full of emotions, subs who hadnt seen us before and one whom I have done a little bit of camming with was advised he should be kneeling in front of us and turned up swiftly. He was the most fun as we got to try out electrics on him that I hadnt personally tried. He was a nervous little thing but soon he was enjoying some CBT pleasure with a workout and us pulling on his chains. I do love the sadistic pleasure of watching the fear build in the submissives eyes and then seeing if I follow through with what was said. 

We ended the night in stoke on cam chatting with random people while sitting with cocks out and wine in hand, such a fun time. An experience we will repeat I am sure, so those whom desire to see us can meet as we try different locations and of course meet us on cam together!

I have had a wonderful catch up with 2 other lovely ladies, Miss Kendal and Miss Anna Elite, I do enjoy our lunch meets and discussing how we can make use of more little submissives. There are many ideas on the cards for the near future so watch this space!

I will be at the Birmingham fetish market this weekend and hopefully going to the rope peer workshop to brush up on more rope skills. I am thinking more kneeling and ties behind the back to make more helpless victims, any volunteers? 

I now have a CBT cross chair next to my cross awaiting more victims to use and abuse. Its only been lightly tested so far....I have also used to make little panty sniffers get right in the gusset and inhale deeply my heady scent!

Main submissive updates-
My slut has now hit his target of 9 cocks for the year and is now looking to take more weekly, he is being pushed into liking more degrading things, such as ass to mouth challenges. 

Tweenie is still doing daily wearing of collars and self beating while away from me to keep on top of training. 

Puppy has a new tattoo- non fetish based. Will be back locked in his cage soon and being trained more in non talking dehumanising methods. I am thinking more water torture is on the cards.

Damsel is doing well in being tied and wiggling around my floor, yes this is why I am after more rope learning workshops. 

Lil pet is now locked by myself and Miss Anna Phylaxis and dealing with it like a whining bitch

I am pleased to announce that I will be training one I call cuddle slut and he is taking his first 'in training' play collar to session before I ruin that sweet little arse of his!


I have a few more I am training and pop in on odd occasions so dont think this is all I am bending to my whim!

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Updates are done daily on my only fans, want to see more, go there!

« Updates and more

Posted on 13th July 2018

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