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A very Happy Autumn to you all !!!


Now pay attention subs, slaves, piggies & oiks, slugs, sloths & worms...   




Those of you who wish to experience the thrill of Goddess Kikka Jennie's presence, and to rest your eyes upon the divine proportions which are adorned by the sexy panties you order should certainly attend  -  assuming of course that you how to behave in the presence of a Dominant Goddess  -  and that you are able to read and understand the House RULES which must be obeyed in such an environment. These can be found on Dominion's FL page, and also on The Facility's FL page..


And now without further ado, news of this month's Special Offer...


A Strictly Adults, Back to Kikka's School Room Tights Deal  !!!

For ONLY £15  -  A  Custom  Clip in which you might receive self-pleasure instruction from GODDESS KIKKA JENNIE, be treated as the silly sissy you know you are, or even as the adult schoolgirl you wish you were  -  along with a pair of Goddess Kikka Jennie's very own 10 - 15 Denier Tights !!!

I know, right?  Unbelievable, and yet it's absolutely true !!








6th  -  8th  SEPTEMBER  !!!!






GODDESS KIKKA JENNIE may also be attending this month's CIRQUE De CHAOS at XSTASIA in West Bromwich, although this yet to be confirmed..Imagine you are lying on the floor of GODDESS KIKKA JENNIE'S Play Room..  

Perhaps you are helplessly bound, in tight ropes - or with leather or steel restraints with a Ball-gag tightly strapped into your mouth?

Naturally you are shaking. Quivering with an intoxicating blend of fear and pleasure.

Your GODDESS will be amused by your condition. Her laughter will be ringing in your ears as you wriggle & writhe between her shiny buckled boots.

Your eyes cannot help themselves. Your wrists, your elbows, your knees and ankles may be bound, your foolish tongue may be able to do little more than moan and  gurgle when you try to speak   ..but your eyes, your eyes are free to relish the shining leather of the boots which encase the feet and calves of your GODDESS!!  Your eyes are free to follow the shimmering gleam which runs up each of the divine thighs which seem now to almost fill your world.

Inevitably, your eyes eventually rest upon the Delta of Venus perfectly shaped & enticingly encased in the sexiest panties.

Your imagination runs wild..   Suddenly it dawns upon you that GODDESS KIKKA JENNIE is no longer laughing. With difficulty, you manage to prise your gaze away from that silky triangle. GODDESS KIKKA JENNIE seems to be glaring at you, glowering even..

You wonder why the atmosphere has changed so quickly, & so radically?

You try to ask if you have somehow offended your GODDESS, but you hear only strange gurgling sounds, as does your GODDESS.  A very tightly fastened Ball-gag makes speech impossible, it seems.

GODDESS KIKKA JENNIE leans down with a pair of black tights in her hands. Before you have worked out why it is happening, the tights have been pulled over your head..  The legs of the tights are wrapped around your head one at a time, in opposite directions, before being tightly knotted at the back of your head.

Layers of black nylon are now covering your eyes, and darkness reigns does GODDESS KIKKA hear yourself whimper..


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Posted on 5th September 2019

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