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What a wonderfully busy month this has been!

I have had a wonderful month of playing with new submissives who are eager to learn and now have daily training via online means and of course the new submissives learning in real time, which means they start roughly with the same practices. 

As many of you know I enjoy the Gorean Slave positions for my new playthings to learn and build up on, its simple greetings and waiting positions of politeness and openness which means you are ready for whatever I desire. Yes I know Gorean is supposed to be female slave, according to John Norman who wrote the books, but I like to make it male slave as the positions are so beautiful and they build obedience. I also think this is a basic politeness, so even if the submissive leaves me after training they have something instilled in them that they are respectful to any lady they now meet. It takes time and effort to learn them all, repetition and inspection is required to get it to my standard. But more on this in another Blog. 

I have been building up on my rope bondage and its been looking awesome, pictures are going to be on my adultwork profile. I have such wonderful Jute rope which I have been treating over the last few weeks and its cut to many lengths so can be used for anything, I have thoroughly been enjoying doing sissy damsels in distress. I am looking for more bunnies to help me with learning more on this, so feel free to message me. 

I have been enjoying having cam boys also for sessions or to be of use when on camera via direct camera on adultwork, for those who havent met me, its a good way to get introduced and see what I am like in a session. But nothing beats the real thing, does it?

Due to all the law changes around the world lately and big brother watching us, things not being secure I have now set up a proton email which you can do also, its FREE. more information is on this site. For those who email me via proton will get a monthly newsletter with event dates and any deals I would have, also If I have a random tour or exciting information that will be emailed ONLY via this proton email!

I have been doing reviews for and wow this site is amazing. I suggest you help her site out and support her as much as possible. There is so much information for those who are kink and those who are enthusiasts of sexy items. It nice to have some time to write up my thoughts on items and rate them, makes a change from the other things i rate!

I have been meeting up with a lovely lady who is semi local to me and we are thinking of offering double Domme sessions together at my personal playspace and maybe a couple of other tours together. She is a lovely BBW Mistress from Shropshire whom you would beg to serve her lovely boots. She does a lot of sissy control like myself and many similar interests such as smothering! Feel free to research her 

I have my motorbike CBT next week so wish me luck so I can be more mobile.

I have updated my diary for events and things planned so far for the next month and I will be at download festival in a few weeks with my personal sissy Tweenie who will be available for encouraged bi sessions!

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Posted on 21st May 2018

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