Locktober October

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I have been so manic lately with the lovely Miss Anna Phylaxis, what fun we have had playing with all you naughty little submissives! 

Well first there was Nottingham which was full of delicious face sitting worshipers that delighted over our wonderfully big bottoms and I met a wonderful panty seller, Lady Rose, whom you should be begging to get her delicious intimates, and went into some lovely drinking establishments as well as amazing restaurants. Then there was the Sheffield meetings and going into a naughty club in which we introduced some boys to some teasing and spanking. Using our hands to make boys weak as well as vibrators to bring him them to the edge, but of course not allowing them to make a mess!

My next tour is Ireland with Miss Kendal and Miss Anna Elite in which I am meeting my long time serving sissy, Tweenie, whom will be spoiling me for my Birthday! I know Tweenie can not wait to be kneeling before me, presenting the collar and paddle for me to use on that sissy arse before offering all my birthday gifts, which I know Gin is part of...always have to have a lovely Gin from my sissy, she knows me so well! Tweenie now has a Tumblr account of the sissy world she is part of and learning about which you can follow and enjoy!

I haven't been to Dublin since I saw Alestorm with my sissy in February so its about time I went over and enjoyed Temple Bar with my friends. I enjoy the music and the beer over there, the whole tourist side is amazing, exploring and finding hidden gems is what I do! Excited for this semi working holiday!

I will be coming back on the 10th of October so will be resuming sessions from the 11th of October at my personal play space, I do much prefer working there where all my items are available to me...I am very good at wanting items I have left behind. 

October is my Birthday Month, the 10th is the actual date of my birthday, make sure you spoil ME! You know what I like by now, flowers, perfume, gin and dark chocolate. Being spoilt makes me so happy and you prefer a smiling bouncing Goddess! Here is my amazon Wishlist 

So much is going on that month as I know of 5 other birthdays, a tattoo convention I am working at and also its LOCKTOBER! Time for ME to lock you up and tease you with chastity games and make you squirm in those devises. I do adore chastity in so many forms, its why I have so many locks and keys! Locktober is a chance for you to try chastity for a few hours, few days or for the brave....the whole month! I will be offering exclusives with Miss Phylaxis and more information on this can be found on my profile or by messaging either of us!

After (and recovering from) Ireland I am off to tour in Milton Keynes with my partner in crime Miss Phylaxis, I have never been there before, so i expect a lovely warm welcome! I hope to squash, tease and lock more little playthings. I love travelling and offering the opportunity for you to meet me as usually some would find it too hard to travel to me usually...such a wonderful chance to kneel before greatness, but since my bag is limited I do find planning in advance helps create the best session possible and of course my packing skills usually are testing with all the delectable items some submissives may require for such sessions. 

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Posted on 30th September 2018

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