March Madness

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Welcome to my blog, you naughty, kinky people!

                                                                       MARCH MADNESS !!!

I'll begin today by telling you that the beautiful Goddess Kikka J has chosen to make the month of March a time  remember !!

Every Panty Order  I receive during the month of March will bring the buyer a FREE SEVEN DAY SUBSCRIPTION TO:
                                                       WWW.ONLYFANS.COM/KIKKAJ  !!!!!

Make very sure that you do not miss out, by ordering the Products of your choice right now !!

Remember to include an order for Panties, to receive your FREE SUBSCRIPTION !!!!

Just allow your Kinky mind to run wild as you peruse the my sexy lingerie pictures in order to decide exactly which deliciously erotic items will fill your next Panty Parcel !!!

Take a moment just to think of the pleasure the Parcel will bring into your life. Can you hear the doorbell??

Could it be a Parcel arriving ?  Was that the sound of the letterbox in your front door ??

Could that gentle thud be the sound of a carefully wrapped Lingerie Package landing just inside your door ???

Imagine now that you are sitting down to unwrap the contents ...

A flash of coloured fabric appears, and soon you are teasing the silky garment from its wrappings.

You pull it free, and reverently lift it up to your face.Your senses are immediately ignited by the touch of the soft, shiny material as it brushes your cheek.

The sensation overwhelms you as the wonderful scent of a living Goddess fills your senses.. Heaven has arrived !!   Paradise, right there in your hands...

Make your Orders now !!   What's you do, don't miss the boat...There's no guarantee that this Offer will continue into April.

You may be wondering about the exciting things your Goddess.has been doing lately.  If so, you'll be delighted to hear that I have indeed been out and about in the West Midlands, accompanied by Miss Anna Phylaxis !!  

In fact, we were On Tour in Coventry on March 9th..   Were you in the City, or passing through it ??

Just imagine what you missed !  Two ravishing Dommes, perfectly well equipped with whips, toys,crops and restraints...

On Sunday it was of course the BBB, where I witnessed a Rope Demo that would have left you in a puddle beneath my boots !

Later, I was practising and perfecting my own Rope Work !   Don't you wish I'd been practising upon you ??

The next date in my Calendar will be:  Saturday March 22nd when I shall be attending Dominion at The Facility   ..after which: on Sunday March 23rd (the very next day), Miss Anna Phylaxis & I will again  

be On Tour, but this time in the City of Sheffield..

On Saturday March 30th, Mummification will be the Order of The Day      .. followed by Cirque De Chaos on Sunday March 31st.

               FILMING NEWS !!

Custom Clips are filmed, produced and edited every Thursday !!  Prices start at £3 a minute..

Recent Themes have been:. Panty Tease,  CEI, & JOI..

Doubles Clips {with Miss Anna Phylaxis}, start at £5 a minute.  Examples would be: Boot Worship or Humiliation..

You may of course wish to apply to be a Cam Slave..  The Session will be longer, and will be at a slightly reduced price.

The Session will also involve Bondage (within agreed parameters).

You may wish to apply to be a Filming Slave, of course..

The parameters of Filmed Sessions will be set according to prior agreement involving as always,Informed Consent.
A Model Release document will need to be carefully read, and signed.

Again, the Session will be longer, but the focus will be upon the filming rather than the 'play'. 
A fee is still required.


If you have any questions, you may contact me by email

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Posted on 21st March 2019

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