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Good Afternoon dear playthings and admirers, 

I do realise it has been a while since my last update, but the wait is finally over!!!

October was a very busy month with 2 tours and some events in the vanilla world which meant I got a new tattoo, to quickly update you, Ireland with the awesome Miss Kendal and Miss Anna Elite was amazing fun, Milton Keynes with Miss Anna Phylaxis was a lot of fun with culinary delights and the tattoo convention was mental busy, I also had my marks back from my dissertation I need to do some final touches with my tutor to finish it off which will be in the next few weeks and then all being well I should ave passed the course which has taken a good few years to get! Which I expect you all to send me congratulations when this happens!!
Thank you for all the delightful gifts and cards for my birthday month the items made me smile, as they should. 

No-Vember tasks are going quite well, we all know full well that you cant help but play with yourselves which is why the roll per week or month for how many times you can come is such a good thing, again only available for my fans! But I do have other options of dice rolls on my site, some submissives I am even controlling how often they buy off ebay. 

If you are not on it well you are missing out! I have been rather busy with working on content specially made for my only fans lately which will be released in December (Yes its that time of year), some of which will be with the wonderful Miss Anna Phylaxis, whom if you haven't already looked over her profile, you really should! 

I do release clips on all the clips sites I  am listed on monthly so make sure you go and enjoy all those wonderful clips which make you weak at the knees, there are wonderful themes of bondage, panties and strap on. I am also open to having sessions filmed so feel free to discuss this with me. 

I will be on tour with Miss Anna Phylaxis for the last time this year in Birmingham in a couple weeks time, 23-25th of November. This means you can apply to bring Us coffee in the morning and cook Us tea at night as well as be Our playthings and panty sniffers.  We have had some wonderfully delicious naughty submissives over Our tours whom have made Us so proud with what they took and how far they have come. The last tour was in such a wonderful apartment which had a balcony which a good boy was all too eager to show Us. So this time you will be adoring us and holding our bags as we go shopping around the german market. 

I have some wonderful panties available that are exclusive to certain sites, you need to sniff them out, so to speak! There will be Christmas deals available this year also on Christmas themed items but you need to watch this blog space to find out what they are as its way to early to be talking about that C word!

« Updates and more

Posted on 9th November 2018

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