Time for an update!

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Its time for an update!!!!

I have been very busy organising myself for more tours and meeting lovely ladies from this site to work with, so its been a fun but very busy time. I cant wait to have you all kneeing before me for what I have planned!

I am starting to love this touring thing, working in areas and allowing you the option to serve me considering I have been too far away for some before! Yes its tiring and yes its thrilling, booking in new subvmissives or ones who have only served online adds to the excitement on it all, its also very limited space so it can be hard organising everything time wise...but it is so worth it for all included. 

Working with the wonderful Miss Anna Phylaxis is a delight, we compliment each other so well, she is quiet and sensual and I am louder and will make you kneel before our greatness which a tasty lick of my hitty items. I really cant wait for Nottingham next, we will have a wonderful apartment for you to clean, for you to beg for face sitting and of course our panties!

Panty selling is going well, I do love how panty selling makes me feel, so sexy especially if its in a real time session in which you are made to edge while sniffing my panties or edge while adoring the wonderful Miss Anna Phylaxis' arse on your face!  WE need to put up more of our pics to share how much we adore little sissies in our wet panties. On how the perverts delight over wanking while sniffing our dirty unmentionables. 

I will be moving more exclusives around so keep eyes peeled on my advertising sites and on this profile for special deals.Panty exclusives not seen on other sites for example..... keep watching me and seeing more of my wonderful daily content and tasks from my onlyfans!

Rope practice is going slow, but its worth it, I am requiring more rope bunnies to play with as my interest grows so does the rope imagination and the need to play with it more.  I do get about 2/3 practices a month at the moment but am wanting something more weekly to keep on top of the wonderful new ties like the Futomomo leg tie which is slightly eluding me currently. Here is the picture of one  I managed to do with help at the rope workshop, but since then I have struggled recreating this.

I collared a boy recently who I have played with for many years, at first he was hesitant but soon settled into it. He is a switch so had a huge worry about how this would affect him being a top also. After a lengthy discussion on thoughts and how we have come to this road where he has earnt a collar, so he has a lovely play collar and a lovely latex bow tie one for presentation. It does mean at some events he will be my plaything which I can lend out to others or he maybe a top  ready to play with a submissive of which he desires. Relationships like this take time and work, its not easy but in the long run, so worth it for the feelings of closeness, freedom and so much more. We seperate his top side from him being my submissive and I dont control him when he is with his playthings, although I would like that and find that much to my amusement there is a boundary of ethics and morals in which I believe he should create his own relationships etc. 

I dont offer collars lightly, I dont Velcro collar, you earn a training/play collar then after a while of being under consideration you may get the honour of owning a collar to represent our bond, this is a huge honour and for it to be given is not the end of training, it just means I want you to be mine and be under me, there will be more training and learning as we grow and develop. A collar can be something you strive for but let it be the only thing you strive for, the relationship and the journey should be the more important part!

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Posted on 28th August 2018

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